Our Meetings

SMART Recovery meetings are open and free, although we pass the hat for voluntary contributions.  We hope you will visit a meeting to see if it might work for you!

  • There are three simple ground rules:
  1. confidentiality—who is there and what is said is held confidential;
  2. when you speak about yourself, be open and honest; and
  3. when you comment or give feedback to others, try to be supportive and helpful.

The focus is on recovery and helping participants develop a program that works for them.

Our meetings usually have a small group of participants who come to get ideas and support for their recovery. Everyone tries to help everyone else. An experienced volunteer leads the meeting and keeps the discussion on track. Please join us at any of our meetings. You don’t need to call in advance. Just come. The meetings are open, and you will be welcome.

You may read in more detail what the facilitator might say to open a meeting.

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